Gina G

Breast Size:

Name: Gina G
Country: England
Height: 1.57 metres (5ft 2in)
Stats: 40L-36-41
Age: 22
Eyes: Brown
Total Number of Movies: 37
Total Runtime: 4 Hours 36 Mins 58 Secs
Total Number of Pics: 3156

Movie 1: Top Heavy Teens Fireplace Frolics Size: 135MB Time: 8.19
Movie 2: Bedroom Beauties Big Boobies Show Size: 120MB Time: 7.24
Movie 3: Curvy Cuties Conservatory Strip Show Size: 133MB Time: 8.12
Movie 4: Gina G Gets Hot & Steamy In The Shower Size: 113MB Time: 6.59
Movie 5: Beach Babe Makes The Temperature Soar Size: 107MB Time: 6.35
Movie 6: Soaked Sweetie Is Wet & Dirty Size: 112MB Time: 6.54
Movie 7: Gina Enjoying Another Steamy Session Size: 123MB Time: 7.35
Movie 8: Beautiful Brunette Gives A Mouth Watering Display Size: 110MB Time: 6.47
Movie 9: Gina G Loves Bares In The Woods Size: 123MB Time: 7.34
Movie 10: Gina G Loves Bares In The Woods Part. 2 Size: 130MB Time: 8.03
Movie 11: Babe Is Back On The Beaches Size: 130MB Time: 8.01
Movie 12: Sandy Maiden Attracts Attention Size: 84MB Time: 5.10
Movie 13: Sexy Santa Dishes Out Her Presents Size: 136MB Time: 8.22
Movie 14: Big Creamy Suds On Huge Jutting Juggs Size: 140MB Time: 8.37
Movie 15: Gina G Shows Off Her Artistic Talent Size: 135MB Time: 8.20
Movie 16: Boobs Bonanza Sofa So Good Size: 130MB Time: 8.01
Movie 17: Busty Babe Gives Sexy Sand Show Size: 125MB Time: 6.26
Movie 18: More Funbag Frolics In Fraisthorpe Size: 69MB Time: 4.17
Movie 19: Feeling Wild & Free In The Fields Size: 99MB Time: 6.07
Movie 20: Gina G Getting Fresh In The Shower Size: 121MB Time: 7.29
Movie 21: Gina G's Red Snuggle Sofa Show Size: 133MB Time: 8.13
Movie 22: Driving Everyone Wild In The Car Size: 126MB Time: 7.39
Movie 23: Keeping Cool On The Coastal Cliffs Size: 138MB Time: 8.30
Movie 24: Keeping Cool On The Coastal Cliffs Part 2 Size: 132MB Time: 8.06
Movie 25: Keeping The Creamy Cans Watered Size: 103MB Time: 6.21
Movie 26: Lady In Red Gets Horny On The Bed Size: 132MB Time: 8.07
Movie 27: Sexy Secretary Taking It Down Size: 125MB Time: 7.42
Movie 28: Abandoned Building Has Naked Attraction Size: 97MB Time: 5.57
Movie 29: Stripping Down In The Living Room Size: 136MB Time: 8.22
Movie 30: Alley Cat Gina Is On The Prowl Size: 95MB Time: 5.51
Movie 31: Going To Town On The Toy Size: 141MB Time: 8.40
Movie 32: Oiling Up The Bazookas & Bum Size: 136MB Time: 8.22
Movie 33: Giving The Voluptuous Body A Workout Size: 128MB Time: 7.51
Movie 34: Blue Babe Gives A Busty Show Size: 128MB Time: 7.54
Movie 35: Swinger The Big Wangers In The Swing Size: 136MB Time: 8.23
Movie 36: Big Bubbly Bouncing Boobies In The Hot Tub Size: 126MB Time: 7.46
Movie 37: Giving A Dominant Display In A Dungeon Size: 124MB Time: 8.04

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